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Thank you for all the support! PITATA Smart Printer has received unanimous praise from our Kickstarter backers after shipping.

PITATA Smart Printer is now available on our website for a retail price of $550. 

Including everything you need to perform, ships in 24 hours, and arrives worldwide in 7-10 days.

We are also developing an all-new app: PITATA App Pro (our current app is already impressive!). The new app is expected to launch in July on the Apple Store and Google Play.

View Here for more details about our APP.


PITATA Smart Printer, printing the future.

Trailer first.

It's a trailer over 4 Minutes. We also hope to share our joy & excitement, and the ambitions we aim to achieve through the 4 Minutes.


In the world of mentalism, there are countless ways to achieve a prediction, but only one stands out as the most perfect in our eyes: Open Predictions. The Lottery Prediction stands out as the most representative form of an Open Prediction effect, as it portrays the ability to freely predict the outcome without forcing any specific information.

To achieve such a perfect prediction effect, the use of a concealed miniature thermal printer is undoubtedly the most ideal choice. The PITATA Smart Printer was one of our earliest products conceived and in development. Yet, it took us over two years, until Season 4 of our product releases, to be able to release it. The reason was that we were constantly pondering the question: How can we make ours totally unique?

In terms of hardware, it's essentially just a thermal printer that prints out whatever information is fed to it, something conventional printers can do. Even so, we tried our best to design it with a structure that is more suited to magicians, including a unique paper setup and a prediction box for the final revelation.

We believe its greater value should lie in the effects it can accomplish, this was what consumed most of our efforts. Beyond classic effects like lottery and handwritten predictions, we innovatively designed clock face time predictions and magic square predictions, each of these capable of being released as independent products.

We have integrated the PITATA Smart Printer into the PITATA’s IoT system, allowing it to sync and work automatically with the PITATA Watch, Impression Pads, and Smart Scale to produce seamless prediction effects.

  • Compact Size – approximately the size of a bicycle deck.

Whether placed in the PITATA Prediction Box System, pocket, or case, it conveniently delivers your predictions.

  • User-Friendly Operation – Paper setup just takes a few seconds.

We designed a quick-release structure for the print roller, allowing for quick refill in seconds. The interior of the PITATA Smart Printer includes a paper slot to ensure no excess paper is exposed when it is set up, even in tight spaces, and also facilitates transportation.

  • Original Effects – Ultimate creativity from the PITATA team.

In addition to classic effects like lottery and handwritten predictions, we have introduced original effects such as time predictions and magic square predictions.

  • Multi-Product Ecosystem – PITATA IoT system.

PITATA Watch, PITATA Smart Scale, PITATA Impression Pads, and other devices can be linked with the printer, automatically producing a variety of unique prediction effects.

  • Open Predictions – PITATA Prediction Box.

To present more convincing predictions, we designed a Prediction Box system that seals the prediction in a glass jar. For easy portability, the entire box system, except the glass jar, folds flat.

Below are just a fraction of the effects you can achieve with the PITATA Smart Printer. 

The Routines are limited only by your imagination.

  • The Lottery Prediction:

Not only is this the strongest prediction effect achievable with a method like this, but also probably the strongest among all open predictions. The PITATA Smart Printer can predict most lottery tickets available on the market, and ·

  • PITATA Original Time Prediction:

The audience calls out any time, and using discreet swiping motions, the PITATA Smart Printer prints a hand-drawn clock corresponding to the mentioned time.

  • PITATA Original Magic Square Prediction:

The audience calls out a two-digit number, and using discreet swiping motions, the printer produces a 4x4 magic square, where the sum of each row, column, or diagonal equals the audience's named number.

  • Preset Outs Prediction:

You can preset 12 hand-drawn prediction outs in the PITATA app, allowing you to quickly print of one of the predefined outs with just two swipes.

  • Prediction of Any Content:

Draw directly on the PITATA app with your finger or input desired content and the PITATA Smart Printer will easily print it.

When PITATA was founded, our dream was to create a high-tech intelligent magic system. The PITATA Smart Printer, finally developed after three years of team reflections and knowledge, stands as one of the most powerful tools in the PITATA ecosystem.

  • Sync with PITATA Impression Pads:

Any content written by the audience on the PITATA Smart Whiteboard, Memopad, or Clipboard gets recognized and printed as the desired prediction result through the PITATA app.

Through syncing with these impression devices, you can have an audience member write down a two-digit number, and the printer will automatically print out a Magic Square prediction. Alternatively, have them note down a time, and it will print a drawing of a clock face with the predicted time.

  • Sync with PITATA Watch:

The audience can set any time using the PITATA Watch crown, and the PITATA app will control the Smart Printer to print a drawing of a clock face with the predicted time.

  • Sync with PITATA Smart Scale:

Using PITATA Smart Scale, have the audience cut a stack of cards and remember the bottom card; the Smart Printer will print the card as a text prediction.

  • Compact and portable, approximately the size of a bicycle deck.
  • User-friendly design for quick and easy operation.
  • Effects include:
    • Original magic square prediction.
    • Original clock face time prediction.
    • Original preset outs.
    • Prediction box and Glass Jar system for convincing open predictions.
    • IoT integration with multiple PITATA products.


  • Main Unit: 98mm * 69mm * 23mm

Includes everything you need to start your performance:

  • 1x PITATA Smart Printer Main Gimmick
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x Thermal Paper Roll
  • 1x Folding Box
  • 1x Prediction Jar

PITATA on the Wizard Magic Review!

Big Thanks to David Penn and Wayne Fox!

We invite you to join the Wizard Magic Review for an exclusive first look and review of our PITATA Smart Clipboard and Smart Printer.

And we get double 100%!

  • "The Best printer on the market!"
  • "Absolutely brilliant"
  • "It's like an Apple Product"
  • "It is incredible what you can do"
  • "It does everything for you"

Check out the Wizard Product review here!

Review by Magicorthodoxy

Review by Patrick Kun

Real-World Tests

Here is a video of the PITATA Smart Printer in the real world.

The ideas are from the PITATA Team and we love them.

You can also know more about how our devices work as well as the sound. We control it very well and the sound is lower than your phone vibrate.

Thermal Notepad Demo

Idea by David Penn, this is PITATA Thermal Notepad.

The PITATA Thermal Notepad is not only suitable for but extends beyond the PITATA Smart Printer. It is also compatible with a wide range of thermal printing devices available on the market.

One big step forward for the PITATA Smart Printer —— And also all the printer devices.

PITATA Thermal Notepad is a "stroke of genius" that the PITATA team is extremely proud of. Thanks, David.

More natural, more discreet. A perfect and clever fusion that truly makes it feel like real magic.

Thermal Notepad is not included in the PITATA Smart Printer set, and it needs to be purchased separately here.

Includes everything you need to start your performance:

  • 1x PITATA Smart Printer Main Gimmick
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x Thermal Paper Roll
  • 1x Folding Box
  • 1x Prediction Jar

PITATA offers a 1-year parts and labor guarantee for all products.

Service Warranty

PITATA products are professionally produced with expert quality control.

PITATA tests each item individually before shipping to ensure perfect functionality. But in case something may be damaged during shipping or an item may arrive defective, we will exchange the item for a new one.

Manufacturer's Warranty

PITATA is committed to quality. Therefore, we are standing by our products and offering an extensive Manufacturer’s Warranty for all of our products. The length of the warranty varies depending on the product purchased:

  • PITATA Smart Printer: 12 Months

Should the item stop working for any reason, we will provide FREE parts and labor for the duration of the Manufacturer’s Warranty period. Your only cost will be shipping the item back to us for repair.

Extended Warranty

After the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we will extend the warranty period to five years. This warranty will provide free labor to repair your unit. The only cost to you will be for any necessary parts and shipping. Our intent is to provide support for our products for a lifetime. Since we are a new brand, we are personally promising a minimum of 5 years of service. With your continued support, it will become a lifetime. Thank you.