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PITATA Smart Printer Accessories and Refills

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Thermal Paper for Smart Printer (Refill)

About 20 meters. Enough for at least 200 performances.

PITATA Thermal Notepad (Idea by David Penn)

Idea by David Penn. The genius of the Thermal Notepad lies in every detail. All aspects of the Thermal Notepad, from its appearance to the printed dotted lines and even the torn spiral holes left behind when pages are removed, subtly reinforce the illusion of ordinary paper. One big step forward for the PITATA Smart Printer —— And also all the printer devices.

PITATA Thermal Notepad is a "stroke of genius" that the PITATA team is extremely proud of. Thanks, David. More natural, more discreet. A perfect and clever fusion that truly makes it feel like real magic. The PITATA Thermal Notepad is the perfect choice for all printer devices.

Paper Size: 80mm * 110mm

Contents: Thermal Paper Spiral Notepad (50 sheets)

Prediction Jar for Smart Printer

CA Lottery Tickets for Smart Printer

About 48 meters. Enough for at least 320 performances.

Folding Box for Smart Printer

To present more convincing predictions, we designed a Prediction Box system that seals the prediction in a glass jar. For easy portability, the entire box system, except the glass jar, folds flat.