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Who is PITATA?

PITATA is a perfect presentation of Magic & Technology.

Our New Releases are finally Live on Kickstarter Worldwide in 2022.04.22 and Get great reaction on Kickstarter, we thanks for all the support. 

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(Click the Photo to know more)

We are a group composed of crazy magic enthusiasts, a team of engineers, and software designers. We are committed to the perfect combination of magic and technology, coupled with the ultimate quality requirements, trying to present a brand new possibility.

PITATA is not only a brand-new technology magic brand but also embodies our spirit of exploration and breakthrough.

We have been preparing  PITATA Products since the end of the year 2020, after 15 months of preparation, we finally presented our First Batch to you. Hope you enjoy our work.

We poured all our passion and hard work into these products, not only our hearts but also our innovation. We have repeatedly polished our product from the conception, materials, and design. We believe PITATA Products will be one of the best magic products you have ever seen in the Magic World and we're offering them to you on Worldwide at an extremely affordable price.

We believe this will also be a new magic experience for you - in addition to the internal thinking of the products and some extreme details, this also may be the first time in the history of the industry that magic technology products are built into a real industrial product.



Pitata is a brand new magic experience for you. We focus on the perfect integration of Magic & Technology, with the high-quality material and aesthetics in the industry.

We have built an interconnected product line to make your magic performance easier and more convenient.

We combine the art of magic with technology to explore infinite possibilities.

By passion and countless efforts, we create an unparalleled reality.

By transforming our vision into reality, we create a world that is MAGIC.CRAFT & AESTHETIC.

  • When it comes to magic technology products, we are not very fond of those products for pretty low prices. Usually, cost-effectiveness is a sign of compromise. 
  • We also do not prefer overly luxury-priced items, and we often see this segment priced at an unbelievably high price. This is also not something that we want to do for PITATA. 
  • What we hope and strive to pursue is to have more people using our products without compromising any quality. 

What we like and pursue is that more people use our products without any compromise in quality.

We hope to make the products have first-class magic effect with great texture.

We enjoy and are proud of the products we make and hope to offer them to people who enjoy them as well.