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PITATA Smart ClipBoard

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Thank you for all the support! PITATA Smart Clipboard has received unanimous praise from our Kickstarter backers after shipping.

PITATA  Smart Clipboard is now available on our website for a retail price of $500.

Including everything you need to perform, ships in 24 hours, and arrives worldwide in 7-10 days.

We are also developing an all-new app: PITATA App Pro (our current app is already impressive!). The new app is expected to launch in July on the Apple Store and Google Play.

View Here for more details about our APP.




Two years ago, PITATA released the PITATA Smart WhiteBoard, a groundbreaking project with its unique smart recognition features, that partially transformed the way magicians secretly acquire information.

Then, we introduced what might be our best portable writing device to date: the PITATA Smart Memopad, which has quickly become one of our best-selling products, and has earned countless positive reviews from users worldwide.

Building on the successful development of these two generations of Impression Pads, we now present the PITATA Smart Clipboard

Enjoy the trailer first.


The reason for releasing a clipboard version is not merely to provide different aesthetic choices, but there is a deeper reason. We noticed that most mind-reading routines that utilize peek devices involve just one person. Nevertheless, tools like e-Impression Pads, which are nearly perfect for mind reading, should not only be able to discern what is on one spectator’s mind, but should involve more people—in other words, "multiple-mind readings".

Reading multiple people’s minds not only fully utilizes the functions of the e-impression pad but also allows for more diverse and entertaining presentations.

To exhibit such an effect, the use of a Clipboard is a no-brainer.

A stack of paper is clipped to the clipboard, then, an audience volunteer writes down their thoughts and keeps their sheet of paper, they then hand the clipboard on to the next volunteer to continue writing, and finally, the board is retained by the last person who wrote on it. Then, you just need to Peek at the writing history of each audience member to present an incredible multi-person mindreading routine effortlessly and elegantly. In our opinion, nothing can be easier and more graceful than this.

Powerful Multi-person Mind Reading Tool

The main concept of the PITATA Smart Clipboard is being able to do "multi-person mind reading", where multiple audience volunteers write down what they are thinking of and retain their own sheet of paper (This can support up to 30 sheets). 

The history records are stored in the all-new PITATA App and viewed collectively at the end. You then reveal all their thoughts at once for a mind-blowing performance.

It is now easier to present incredible mind reading on multiple people, bringing more variety to your stage mentalism routines and making your performances more entertaining.

Sleek and Elegant Design with the All-new PITATA Sharpie Pen

PITATA's design aims to be authentic, organic, and tactile.

Therefore, the body of the Clipboard is made to look like an ordinary A5-sized clipboard. It is injection molded, with a finely sandblasted surface treatment, providing an excellent tactile feel. It is available in black or white.

We also designed PITATA Sharpie Pen to go with the PITATA Smart Clipboard, which is also injection molded and looks almost identical to a real Sharpie. Plus, it comes with a container to keep the pen nib fully inked, allowing you to start performing in seconds anytime, anywhere.

(If you own other PITATA Impression devices, the pens are interchangeable)

It is built with the same technology chip as the PITATA Smart WhiteBoard and Memopad. It also features unique PITATA functions such as intelligent recognition, voice broadcasting, IoT sync, etc.

Intelligent Recognition & Voice Broadcasting: The content written by the audience is automatically recognized as text and broadcasted through Bluetooth earpieces worn by the magician, achieving a mind reading effect without the need for Peek.

IoT Sync: The PITATA Clipboard syncs with other PITATA devices, such as controlling PITATA Watch to display a specific time written down by the audience member, or automatically printing out predictions via the PITATA Smart Printer based on the text written by the audience.

  • Enables multi-person mind reading effortlessly.
  • Supports up to 30 sheets.
  • Minimalistic, organic, and tactile design, A5 size.
  • Built-in magnetic on/off switch & wireless charging. One charge can last for more than 10 hours.
  • Sturdy spring clip
  • Includes the PITATA Sharpie Pen.
  • Up to 10-meter range.
  • Features PITATA core features, such as intelligent recognition, voice broadcasting, IoT ecosystem, etc.
  • It comes with a cap that neatly attaches to the rear of the pen.
  • Compatible with all PITATA's impression board devices, including the PITATA Smart Memopad & Smart Whiteboard, and any future devices.
  • Capable of covering an entire A4-sized page on a single ink refill.
  • Impressive 10-hour battery life on a single full charge.
  • Includes mini pen nib storage container. Pen nibs can be installed within seconds. Inked tips kept inside this container will last for weeks.


  • ClipBoard: 275mm * 170mm * 8mm (Thickness including clip ~18mm)
  • Sharpie Pen: 137mm * 13mm


  • 1x PITATA Smart Clipboard
  • 1x PITATA Sharpie Pen
  • 1x Pen Nib Container
  • 1x Wireless Charger
  • 1x Accessories Pack