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PITATA Sharpie Pen

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[Please Note this is for PITATA Smart Whiteboard or Smart Memopad.]

Here is the PITATA Sharpie, many of our PITATA Smart Whiteboard & MemoPad owners have been eagerly awaiting.

We haven't simply incorporated our technology into an existing Sharpie; we're creating an entirely new marker that mimics the appearance and feel of a standard Sharpie pen.

This achievement is remarkable from a technical perspective. We've even concealed the charging port in a way that renders it nearly invisible.

The PITATA Sharpie Pen works seamlessly with all PITATA Impression Pads, including PITATA Smart Whiteboard & Memopad, and any future devices. Witness the PITATA Sharpie in action in this test:

  • It comes with a cap that neatly attaches to the rear of the pen.
  • Compatible with all PITATA's impression board devices, including the PITATA Smart Memopad & Smart Whiteboard, and any future devices.
  • Capable of covering an entire A4-sized page on a single ink refill.
  • Impressive 10-hour battery life on a single full charge.
  • Includes mini pen nib storage container. Pen nibs can be installed within seconds. Inked tips kept inside this container will last for months.