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PITATA Portable Color Match

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You bring out a box of crayons of different colors and have the audience choose one at random, then color in a certain area of a cartoon picture. This is repeated until all the colors are selected to complete a seemingly random picture.

You remove your prediction that has been in full view the whole time, and your prediction matches exactly with the audience member's picture.

This is the very classic color-matching routine.

It is a very popular routine all over the world for decades. A considerable number of magicians have even performed on TV shows, commercial performances, and private shows.

There are two popular versions currently on the market, the marker pen and crayon. The methods for each version differ. In order to allow more audience to experience the wonder and charm of this routine and bring it into a more intimate setting, we present, the Portable Color Match.

The chips are perfectly concealed in the crayon box, and its appearance is no different from any ordinary crayon box. The crayons are also regular crayons; You can give them to the audience after the show if you want.

The trigger mechanism uses a physical trigger to ensure accuracy. There is no possibility of getting it wrong.

For connection stability, the fine-tuned signal has a range of up to 15 meters, making it more than adequate for any close-up situations.

For convenience, you can keep the main unit switched on, and you only need to turn on the receiver before you begin your performance. The low-power Bluetooth & dual battery power supply used ensures that even if the unit is not turned off, the standby time can last up to 18 months on a full charge.


Summary and Features:

-Classic and popular mentalism routine.

-Uses regular crayons that can be given out to the audience;

-Physical trigger, 100% accurate;

-Signal distance up to 15 meters, stable and reliable;

-The host unit does not need to be switched off.

-18 months standby time.


1x Portable Color Match

1x Receiver

1x Charging Cable