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PITATA Palm Peeker

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PITATA Palm Peeker is now available on our website!

And PITATA Palm Peeker now supports PITATA Watch & Memopad & Whiteboard.

In stock and ship in 24 Hours!


The PITATA Palm Peeker has undergone a transformative upgrade,

  1. Extended RangeWe have upgraded to a larger PCB antenna, which has given it an astonishing boost in the device's range.
  2. Intelligent MemoryThe Palm Peeker now has a memory feature. It remembers the device you've previously connected, The next time you power it up, it will automatically reconnect to the previously paired device. Unless you intentionally choose to switch devices by long-pressing the top button.
  3. More control: In case the Palm Peeker ever encounters an unexpected freeze or unresponsiveness, you can simply long-press the power button for 10 seconds to power off the Palm Peeker.

Feedback from the community has been very constructive and we have taken them into consideration. We've poured our hearts and souls into perfecting all our products. Thanks again!

A concealed peek device is an essential tool for electronic magic. Your audience will never figure out how you could possibly know the information.

The PITATA App incorporates many smart IoT functions, but using the app requires a cell phone to secretly read the information that is written.

If the goal is to covertly obtain written information, it is sometimes more practical to use a small, palm-held device to obtain the peek.

That's why we have designed the PITATA Palm Peeker, especially for use with PITATA's impression devices.

The PITATA Palm Peeker is compatible with all current and future PITATA synchronous impression devices, including the PITATA Smart WhiteBoard and Smart MemoPad.

After numerous experiments, we decided upon a square display. This design allows for a more natural palming of the device as well as for ease of viewing with a larger display.

The overall design is minimalistic and simple. 

The size fits perfectly in Finger Palm.

You can conceal it almost anywhere, such as inside a playing card tuck box. It has two physical buttons on its body: the power on/off/sleep button and the clear button. The operation is extremely simple. We believe you will like it as much as we do.


  • Independently connects with PITATA's impression devices (MemoPad and 's full range of impression devices.
  • Square screen for a clear and accurate peek.
  • Miniature size that fits perfectly in finger palm.
  • Dual-button design for easy operation.
  • Distance: 3m for the MemoPad and 10m for the Whiteboard.
  • Leather key chain cover (optional).


44mm x 40mm x 14mm


  • 1x PITATA Palm Peeker
  • 1x Charging Cable

Accessory: Leather Key-chain Holder disguise

Secure your Palm Peeker in full view of the audience with our Leather Key-chain Holder Disguise! Made from genuine leather, this stylish accessory is designed to look like a car key remote and is the perfect way to conceal your Palm Peeker. A must-have accessory for the PITATA Palm Peeker.