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PITATA Deception

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PITATA Special Presents. 

Strictly speaking, this App is not directly developed by PITATA, we are still proud to have it associated with our brand —— The app is designed by our App Developers.

We would like to take this opportunity to showcase the hard work and dedication of our app developers by launching a special release of his creation.

PITATA Deception

We believe have no doubt that this app will exceed your expectations and it has already gained popularity in China, with over half of the magic community already using it. Especially the ending, it's so explosive.

We will sent instructions in 72 Hours on how to download the app after the purchase.


The use of cell phone magic has become a popular addition to the performances of many professional magicians with the advancement of technology. However, since it relies on technology, some audiences might question the authenticity of the performance and believe it to be just an app.

Hence, the creators of app-based magic face the challenge of convincing the audience that the effect is indeed the result of magic rather than an app. In this regard, we are confident that PITATA Deception efficiently overcomes this challenge.

[Note: PITATA Deception is exclusively on Apple iOS.]

Enjoy the trailer:

Full performance:

Brief description of the effect:

You start by demonstrating some basic calculations of the default calculator on your cell phone. You then pull the result out from the screen and cause the entire calculator app to crash, scattering all the keys on the screen, and with a snap of your fingers, you restore everything back to normal.

The next calculations made in the calculator produce an unexpected result.

What's even more shocking is when you reveal that it was all an elaborate illusion. The calculator app was just a photo you posted on your Social Media. Only then does the audience awoke from a dream.

The PITATA Deception blurs the line between reality and illusion.

The app is easy to operate and uses the same icons and home pages as the default calculator in the iOS operating system. You can immediately start performing from the moment you unlock the phone screen.

The trick can be triggered by touching the screen or covering the earpiece, and when all the icons scatter, the app uses the phone's gravity sensor to simulate them rolling around on the screen. A simple shake of the phone restores everything back to normal. The performance looks natural, and there are no sneaky, suspicious actions that the audience can see.

The Deception app allows you to customize the information and user behaviors for each performance. You can set the final number your audience member will divide by, such as their birthday or the current date. The final result on the calculator can be a prediction, message, name of someone, or brand. This makes your performance even more impactful as if you've tailored the magic specifically for the client.

Once you get the final result, the app automatically takes you to your Facebook page, where the final reveal is posted.  Your audience can view and comment on the photo through their own Facebook account, making the experience more engaging and interactive.

Summary and Features:

  • Blends virtual and reality seamlessly
  • Final reveal is posted on your actual Facebook feed
  • Versatile - can be used for predictions or conveying messages
  • Identical in appearance to the default calculator in Apple iOS
  • Natural and clean operation with no suspicious actions
  • Fully customizable - you can set all the information and user behaviors to tailor the trick for your audience.

[Note: PITATA Deception is exclusively on Apple iOS.]