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PITATA Smart Scale New Accessories: Folding Box and Leather Carrying Case

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Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your PITATA Smart Scale with our Folding Box and Leather Carrying Case.

Special Bundle Offer: USD129 (SAVE USD31) for 2x Folding Box + 1x Leather Carrying Case for Smart Scale.

The reason for 2 Folding Box is the box is made of paper so it's consumable for long-term use. We recommend one as back up.


Enjoy the video:

Folding Box

In our tutorial for the PITATA Smart Scale, we shared a tip: when performing the Borrowed Objects Reading, it's more magical to place an object inside a box on the mat rather than directly on the mat.

Now, imagine if you didn't need the mat at all. Wouldn't placing the scale inside a box on the table be the most logical approach?

This item was initially planned to launch alongside the Smart Scale, but during development, we faced a significant challenge. To meet performance requirements, the box had to be large enough. However, a box of this size is inconvenient to carry around.

To overcome this, we dedicated several months to perfecting the solution: a folding box.

The PITATA Smart Scale Folding Box utilizes patented folding technology. The outer box is a single-piece folding structure. It swiftly unfolds into a square box with external dimensions of 167mm * 162mm * 157mm, providing ample space for all performance objects.

Once the performance concludes, fold all components, and the storage height is a mere 40mm, easily fitting into any performance storage case.

Its appearance mirrors that of a regular packaging box, boasting a discreet black surface that exudes sophistication. The entire box is enveloped in a special material designed to withstand repeated folding over the long term.

Key Features:

  • Enhance Smart Scale effects naturally.
  • Discreet appearance like a regular packaging box.
  • Patented folding technology, folding down to 40mm thickness.
  • Dimensions when folded: approximately 168mm * 155mm * 40mm.
  • Dimensions when unfolded: approximately 167mm * 162mm * 157mm.

PITATA Smart Scale Leather Carrying Case

For those utilizing the PITATA Smart Scale in card effects, carrying a scale that disguises itself as a playing card tuck case, along with an extra deck of cards, can be inconvenient. You must protect the scale inside the card case from getting squeezed and consider the placement of a regular card case during your performance.

This is why we've created a double-layered genuine leather storage case. It includes two separate compartments to store both the scale and a standard deck of cards. The internal rigid support adds extra protection, preventing damage to the scale and cards from pressure or impacts.

During storage, you can choose to leave the regular card case behind, placing your cards in a separate compartment for swift access during your performance. Alternatively, you can carry both the regular card case and the scale, with the storage case facilitating a seamless switch between them.

Key Features:

  • Ideal solution for carrying the scale and cards.
  • Made from genuine leather with internal rigid support for protection.
  • Enables a card case switch.
  • External dimensions: 107mm * 77mm * 50mm.