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PITATA Newsletter

Hey to all our PITATA Customers!

Long time no see.

We've been working hard these past days.

We have completed the shipment of PITATA Season IV and have received positive feedback from our customers. Thank you all for your support!

PITATA Smart Printer and Clipboard are now available on the PITATA website.

In Stock & Ships in 24 Hours & Global Delivery in 7-14 Days

    Click here to learn more.

    Thank you for all the support and patience.


    And something more —— We also have something special for our Software part.

    We have some particularly exciting updates regarding our App. As we previously promised, PITATA is developing a new app: The PITATA App Pro, with new user interface.

    We have recorded a video to show you our achievements over the past month.


    And this is only the First Step. We have a lot of ideas on it.

    The PITATA App Pro will be offered to PITATA Customers for FREE to thank you all for your support throughout this journey.

    This is an enormous project. In the coming months, we will continue to improve it and integrate all of our existing devices: PITATA Smart Printer, PITATA Watch, PITATA Smart Scale, and the PITATA Impression Pad line of products.

    We still need more time to complete everything. It's an enormous project, and we are incredibly excited.

    We expect to complete it by July.

    Thanks for your patience as we work to push more software upgrades. We also welcome your suggestions.(contact us at pitatamagic@gmail.com)

    See you soon!